Seasonal Closure on North Slope

Seasonal Closure on North Slope

North Slope Recreation Area is closed for the winter season.  The portion of the Ring through that area will be closed until May 1, 2020.  Gates from Catamount Ranch open space to North Slope are also closed for the season.  More info.

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  1. They already closed it.

    1. Brian,
      Sorry about that. We have reached out to the City and Colorado Springs Utilities, encouraging them to provide us with any non-scheduled closure dates that impact the Ring the Peak Trail. We used their closure dates listed on the City’s web site which is the third Sunday in October (October 20). Obviously, they decided to close sooner but as far as we can tell, did not post any update to their web site.

      As you probably know, the trail traverses many different jurisdictions. One of our goals is to get better coordination among these jurisdictions when it comes to rules and regulations. We have some work to do on that front.

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