Accessing the Current Ring the Peak Trail

Map indicating the existing Ring the Peak Trail (shown in green) and the gaps on the northeast and southwest sides of Pikes Peak.

As it is currently designated, the Ring the Peak Trail is approximately 50 miles in length and can be accessed from various locations. Not all access points are accessible by automobile and some require a 4-wheel drive vehicle to reach. 

All segments allow hiking but some are closed during the winter season while some do not allow mountain bikes or horses (see details under Trip Planning for this and other helpful information). Much of the terrain is above 8,000 feet in elevation and cell phone coverage is spotty to non-existent. 

The map below is interactive and by clicking on an Access Point you will see driving directions.  Clicking on a segment displays more information about that segment. Because of changing weather conditions, some access points may not be available.  As a normal precaution, always check road and weather conditions before you begin your journey. 

As with all maps, related data, and directional information, inaccuracies may exist and conditions may change. Users assume all risks associated with the use of the maps and information on this web site and are responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations for the segments they visit.

Please also visit the Completing the Ring page for the planned route on the southwest portion of the Ring. Regular updates will be provided on the continuing effort to complete the Ring the Peak Trail.

Interactive Route Map

To view the legend, click on the icon in the upper left corner.
For driving directions, click on the hiker symbol for an access point.  For information on a segment, click on that segment.

The Ring the Peak Trail is a program of the Trails and Open Space Coalition

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