While some hardy bikers ride Ring the Peak in a day, a 2 or 3 day trip to ride the Ring might be more appealing to most.  Bikers can bike-pack (see Camping) or take advantage of the cities that are an easy ride from the Ring (see Local Area) and stay in a hotel, take advantage of restaurants, and enjoy local amenities.  The many access points easily allow riding a segment of the Ring.  Riders might arrange a shuttle or ride out and back on part of the Ring.  With the many trails that connect to the Ring, riders can also plan nice loop rides.

Biking is allowed on almost all existing parts of the Ring, everything except the Mount Esther trail from the trailhead in Chipita Park to the intersection with the Crowe Gulch trail, Forest Service trail 754.  Bikers can carry their bike (hike-a-bike) on the Mount Esther trail.
View of Crowe Gulch from Pikes Peak HighwayAnother work around is:
Counterclockwise: rather than turn to go along Chipita Park Road, continue to the Pikes Peak Highway tollgate, pay the toll for going to North Slope (less than paying to go to the summit), and bike up the Highway to the Crowe Gulch picnic area, take the Crowe Gulch trail and reconnect with the Ring where the Mount Esther trail will come in on your right;
Clockwise: rather than turning left to go down the Mount Esther trail, continue on the Crowe Gulch trail to the Pikes Peak Highway, bike down the highway (no toll for this) and down to U.S. 24, the current work around for the Ute Pass gap, or, eventually, to the Ute Pass Trail, and rejoin the Ring.

Check North Slope Recreation Area and Pikes Peak America’s Mountain web pages for hours, seasons, rates, etc.:

Electric Bikes (e-bikes)

Electric bikes are allowed on some parts of Ring the Peak, but are prohibited on much of the Ring.

Forest Service classifies electric bikes (e-bikes) as motorized vehicles, so e-bikes are allowed on motorized trails, but not on any nonmotorized Forest Service trails.

City of Colorado Springs allows pedal-assist (Class 1) e-bikes on paved urban trails (Tier 1, 2), but not on any of the Colorado Springs trails that are part of the Ring, including roads on North Slope that are not open to public motorized traffic.

City of Manitou Springs allows pedal-assist (Class 1) e-bikes on the Creek Walk trail, but no other Manitou trail, so not on any part of the Ring in Manitou.

El Paso County allows Class 1 and 2 e-bikes on primary and secondary trails.  Ute Pass Trail is a regional trail, so Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed on the Ute Pass Trail.  E-bikes would also be allowed on the motorized trails in Jones Park.

E-bikes are allowed on the parts of the Ring on city streets or other public roads: Ruxton Avenue in Manitou Springs, Picabo Road and Mountain Road in Chipita Park, a short section of road on North Slope, and the Crags road.

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Manitou Springs

El Paso County

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