Welcome to Ring the Peak Trail web site
A view of Pikes Peak, crested with snow and surrounded by storm clouds, as seen from below, behind Cyrstal Resevoir.

Welcome to Ring the Peak Trail web site

This site is currently under development. Check back soon to see the progress we’re making on completing the Ring the Peak
Trail around Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain.

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  1. On your Archives page, you might want to include three articles telling about the origin of the RTP trail. You can copy them from: http://www.friendsofthepeak.org/35-about/beginnings
    Mary Burger wrote two of them, I wrote the other. We were the two people who planned, scouted, etc, the originall route, and continued to do so until the total impasse with the missing (what was) 8 miles in the SW sector — which much later became the subject of the TOSC/NES study.

    1. Jim,
      This is Mike Rigney. I think it would be very appropriate to include links to those valuable accounts by both you and Mary. I will get those up there ASAP. Thanks!

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